Innovative ideas and effective lesson design for K-2 writing

Hello, K-2 teachers, adminstrators, ELA specialists and coaches, homeschoolers, and all other visitors! You have found a website with a powerful teaching tool, the Growing Writers curriculum, to help all your students succeed as writers in a step-by-step approach.

I hope you will read the story behind Growing Writers and take a look at some sample pages from the workbooks and teacher's guide. And don't forget to look at the writing samples from some of my students. Enjoy!

Here is what teachers are saying about Growing Writers:

"I used the Growing Writers writing program for 3 years in my 1st grade classroom. I like that it meets the needs of the highest and lowest writers in my room. I felt good that each lesson had clear learning objectives which correlate to ELA standards for writing. The booklets are easy to share with parents. Teaching Growing Writers was the part of my day that I looked forward to the most! I am sure many of my students would agree!"

"Growing Writers gives my students a place to learn and build their stamina as writers, while practicing and revisiting the the important skills they have already learned. Each new skill is introduced so intentionally. I see my students making growth immediately. The teacher's guide is clear and concise. My students have become confident writers with a strong foundation."


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